Disturbing the Dust


by Ariette Taylor & Luke Devenish

An evocative work, surreal in its beauty and powerful in its imagery; immensely theatrical.

Alice looks back on a life of acclaim, celebration and accolade. The past has become her life. She wants no part of the future.

But her memories are illusions. As a dancer she spent her career  interpreting beauty and romance while finding little of it in her own  life. Through the vivid memories of other people's lives, Alice begins a  fragile journey.

First produced by the Adelaide Festival and then the Playbox Theatre Company, Melbourne. Directed by Ariette Taylor, and starring Patricia Kennedy.

Playscript published by Currency Press

"The play is charming..."
Melbourne Times

"A play of fragments, taking its energy from recollection... In challenging us to dust down our memories, Miss Kennedy and the authors have provided us with an enjoyable and stimulating production."

Herald Sun

"The night belongs to Patricia Kennedy. The double role of Alice and Miss Nina was written for her, and she is more than equal to the part. Her performance is sometimes tender, sometimes touching, and always persuasive."

The Age

"It's hard to believe that the devilish Luke Devenish co-wrote Disturbing the Dust. It's everything his other plays aren't: it's placid, uncomplicated, tasteful - it appeals to the heart rather than the head."

Australian Financial Review