The Heart of the Ritz

The Heart of the Ritz by Luke Devenish

Coming soon...

My new historical novel, set in the world's most famous hotel during the Nazi Occupation of Paris, will be published in paperback, e-book and audiobook in September 2019.

I saw in the New Year finishing the final draft - a joyous task - and now am relishing the care and attention shown by my editors. I am very proud of this new book and can't wait for it to reach readers.

The wonderful cover design featuring my heroine, Polly, and the secret she hides in a fateful Hermès handbag, arrived while I was still writing, making my work all the more pleasurable. I love this sky-gazing girl, fighting for freedom with the French Resistance. This is my favourite cover art ever.

I'll be updating this website regularly with more information about The Heart of the Ritz as publication draws nearer.