Den of Wolves

There is a she-wolf in the shadows...

Listen to me talking about Den of Wolves on ABC Melbourne's Conversation Hour with Jon Faine, here. (Jump forward 20 minutes.)

It is 44BC and the rival powers of Rome are driving the Republic to a violent end. A soothsayer foretells that the young Tiberius Nero, if he is wed to his cousin, the darkly beautiful Livia Drusilla, will sire four kings of Rome. Fuelled by ambition, Livia devotes her life to fulfilling the prophecy. No crime is too great when destiny beckons. 

So begins a murderous saga of sex, corruption and obsession at the dawning of the age of the emperors.

Narrated by the 100-year-old slave Iphicles, Den of Wolves  brings to life the great women of Imperial Rome - Livia, Julia, Antonia and Agrippina - women who relied on their ambition, instincts and cunning to prosper. 

In this first book of the dramatic new series, Luke Devenish superbly recreates these outstanding women who lived in such monstrous times.

“…a unique and compelling storyline, and a new view of power in Rome…” 

Sunday Canberra Times 

“…a thrilling tale of sex, murder and corruption…”  

Sydney Star Observer 

“…each chapter leaves you teetering at the edge of a precipice.”  


“…each page seems to bleed colour… Devenish knows how to hook his readers with the plot and dishes out spectacle after spectacle of murder, betrayal, sexual excess…”  


“With an incredible narrative power and his distinguished storytelling talent at full strength, Devenish delivers a breathtaking debut novel that is both grand in scope and vivid in detail. Violent, sensual and insanely sordid, the Julio-Claudian tale sweeps the reader into a whirlpool of murder, betrayal, passion, splendour and chaotic mayhem that defined ancient Rome.”   

The Independent Weekly