Grace Among the Christians


Mystified  by her son Jonathan's inability to attract a bride, Mrs Christian prays  to God for help, and He duly obliges by sending along Grace, the perfect girl. But perhaps she's a little too perfect?

Grace's saintly presence unwittingly upsets the Christian family's numerous apple carts, exposing a slew of skeletons that leads Mrs Christian, that most faithful of servants, to suspect that God has played an elaborate practical joke. Her revenge, when it comes, is messianic in impact, derailing the Second Coming itself.

"...very fast, very funny, quite bizarre..."

Australian Woman

"The extravagance and absurdity of Devenish's vision recall the early works of American playwright Christopher Durang... This play is not for the faint-hearted, the weak-stomached or the fundamentally Christian."

Sydney Morning Herald

"The capacity of Grace Among the Christians to offend quite large sections of the Australian population - from Christian fundamentalists to pig farmers - is really secondary to the fact that this short play is long on talent to nurture... Luke Devenish takes a kind of absurdist pleasure in shouting naughty things about various institutions, but the resonances of this play draw it beyond the sphere of mere impudence and insult. Behind the laughter is a strong  and disturbing edge."

Daily Mirror

"Grace Among the Christians peppers  energetically wrought layers of banality with an increasing number of peculiar plot twists... we have quite a good time along the way."

The Herald

" extravagant farce penned by Luke Devenish... an anarchic and irreverent play which deserves a much longer season and a cult following."

The Melbourne Times

"If the piece is saying anything at all, it is that only a fool believes in God. But it does so entertainingly, with many a twist and turn of plot."

The Age